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Junket tour consultation

What is "Junket" and "Junket tour"?

Junket is an English word originally meant for organized entertainment. Later, the word acquired a narrower designation - travel in order to play the Casino. Simply put, Junket is gaming tourism.

Today, gaming tourism is considered a very popular service in America, Asia and beyond. Various Casinos from Las Vegas and Macau to Cyprus offer their potential guests to come to them to play and, at the same time, combine gaming, relaxation and entertainment in one trip. At its core, the Junket Tour is also a Game and all-inclusive from the Casino is at stake, subject to certain rules.

At present, in the vastness of the CIS, the capital of Belarus, Minsk, can be considered the leader in Junket tourism. Here the Casinos are 100% legal, absolutely safe and make a great contribution to the development of the Tourism industry. Victoria Cherry casino offers its Guests to make a Junket tour to Minsk. We will be happy to organize it for you: each Guest has the opportunity to choose their own version of the Junket tour from those presented on the site.

When planning a Junket tour(s) to the capital of Belarus - Minsk, depending on the chosen package (Business or Premium), we suggest telling us about your hobbies - be it billiards, ATV trips, visiting nightclubs, yacht trips, fishing, excursions on Castles, bowling or karaoke. This will allow us to organize your Weekend at the highest level in accordance with individual wishes. Your vacation will be bright and unforgettable, impressions from it will remain in your memory for a long time.

Each Guest of the Casino provides the following Junket offers - assistance in buying and paying for tickets, transfer from the railway station or Airport to the hotel and back, accommodation at the Hotel, refreshments in the Bar.

Use call back service on the website and our staff will explain to you all the conditions and advantages of the Junket tour, as well as the rules, bets and game features.

3 benefits of Victoria Cherry Junket

Junket has a number of significant advantages in comparison with visiting the Casino on your own:

Junket tours are offered in four versions - "Start", "Standard", "Business" and "Premium". Junket conditions:

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